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The Science of SCIO (EPFX) Biofeedback

What is SCIO (EFPX) Biofeedback?

The SCIO (EPFX) is an incredibly accurate biofeedback stress reduction system, combining the best of biofeedback, stress reduction, and pain management.  During a session, the SCIO device resonates with thousands of stressors including tissues, organs, nutrients, toxins, and allergens for one hundredth of a second each and records the degree to which the body reacts. This type of rapid testing is known as the Xrroid process.

‘EPFX’ stands for “Electro Physiological Feedback Xrroid,” which is a reference to how fast it’s able to comfortably and non-invasively obtain feedback on reactions above what we call a “baseline.”  ‘SCIO’ stands for “Scientific Consciousness Interface Operation,” and ‘SCIO’ is Latin for “TO KNOW.”  The EPFX is the original device developed by Professor Bill Nelson and the SCIO is an upgrade of that original device.

The SCIO (EPFX) is emerging technology that reads the body at the speed of a computer – leading the way to non-invasive, non-pill-based techniques. The SCIO is one of the most profound energetic systems currently available, operating at the cutting edge of energetic biofeedback. It is a state of the art evoked potential bio-feedback system for pain and stress management. The accuracy and reliability of the SCIO biofeedback system is based on decades of research conducted in the field of bio-energetic and bio-response medicines of the human body.

Science has shown us that your body is indeed electric; therefore, electrical reactivity in your body can be measured via responses to impedance, amperage, voltage, capacitance, inductance, and frequencies.

The SCIO (EPFX) is an Evoked Potential Biofeedback System, which measures sixteen standard electrical parameters of your body beyond just simple resistance. This makes the SCIO (EPFX) unique. Most standard point and probe devices (e.g., Voll Meters) only measure resistance.

The easiest way to really understand what the EPFX can do is to think in terms of stresses – all those things we’re born with, that happen to us, or that get into the body from the environment – that can cause disease. The biofeedback device measures those electrical reactions and provides stress reduction programs specifically suited to each client’s needs.  We will then coach you to help you make better decisions in order to have continued support for your body.