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30 Day Health Challenge

Posted by on January 18, 2015


Happy 2015!!  As we start a new year, we want to help you:

  • Eat a healthier diet
  • Feel better
  • Lose weight
  • Lose inches
  • Have more energy!


We are starting a 30 day challenge to encourage our clients and the community to adopt a healthier lifestyle.  As an incentive we are offering a total of $300 in prizes!!!


Join us Tuesday, January 20th, at 6pm for our kick-off meeting!  We will have juices and smoothies for you to try as well as recipes to help you get started.  We will be doing weigh-ins and measurements throughout the day on Tuesday for those who cannot make it at 6pm.  Please call to set up a time to come by during the day. Each person participating will receive a $10 coupon to use on any service during the 30 day challenge.*

The challenge is free to join, and we encourage you to invite friends and family members to compete with us!



Challenge 1 – Weight lost:

Compete to lose the greatest percentage of weight during the 30 day challenge period


Challenge 2 – Inches lost:

Compete to lose the greatest percentage of inches during the 30 day challenge period


Challenge 3 – Healthier diet and lifestyle:

Compete to get the most points based off your healthy diet choices and activity throughout the day



Your privacy is important to us!  All the weight and measurement info will be kept a secret.  The competition is based on percentage of weight, not on the number of pounds lost. 



*You must come on Tuesday in order to get the coupon.


Posted by Rachel on
I can't wait to start this challenge to a healthier me! I have my whole family joining me. Who have you invited?
Posted by patty on
I would have loved to do this , but just heard about it Via chatty newnan women on FB - I am studying Nutritional therapy and this would help me so much - is it to late to join ?
Posted by Jessica on
Hi Patty! It is not too late to join! We are open tomorrow (Thursday) 10-5:30 and Friday 10-1. We would love to have you come by to get weighed and measured. We will have an info pack for you explaining the challenge and also giving you some recipes and tips. We also have a $10 coupon for anyone who joins! Please let your group know that we are still having people join through the end of the week!!
Posted by Robert DeGregorio on
Hi Jessica, how can we get feedback on the progress of the Biofeedback you started us on? I am almost out of supplements. Also, can I take an Alive once daily men's 50 plus vitamin? Thanking you in advance, Bob DeGregorio
Posted by Bob gorio on
Dear Jessica,
I lost the good food list and bad food list you gave us. Could you email these to me?
TY in Advance,
Bob DeGregorio
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